Friday 22nd April

Today I finished editing my film. I wanted my film to echo the inspiration I found in German expressionism, therefore the film sequence is built up of multiple fast moving stylized images and symbolism. With this in mind the majority of the film is in Black and White to evoke an atmosphere of lifelessness and tension. This idea was also inspired by Corbijn's 2007 film Control as he uses black and white film to echo the protagonists depression and the city's unfeeling nature. My film however is punctuated by bursts of colour in order to create further tension as well as suggesting the male character's (who represents an oppressed and suffering mental patient) struggle to gain control of his life again. However the female character (who represents death and depression) oppresses the character with drugs and physical abuse such as drowning, which dulls the male characters life back to black and white. Another way in which I choose to represent this is with the balloons, which evoke imagery of chakras (seven centres of spiritual power in the human body), thus when death cuts and bursts them the patient looses more of his personality and life. I choose to emphasise the theme of Nature vs Machine not only in the imagery I chose but with sound effects of a fast paced ticking clock and scissors- both of which greatly added to the tense atmosphere. Moreover they complimented the moments of speech that punctuated the film as the script pulled on these themes too. The lyrical nature of the script I wrote creates a mystical and fantasy element which links to the use of drugs in the film. Overall I am extremely please with the outcome of my film as it portrays all the key elements which I set out to achieve.

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