Thursday 14th April

I spent today shooting footage for my short Film- which I have titled My Date, Death. Before beginning the filming process there was already a large issue due to the weather being heavy rain. This caused several problems, the first being I was unsure as to if my costumes would survive these conditions- particularly due to the fact that they would get extremely muddy in this weather two- not to mention my concerns that the makeup would run. Secondly I had wanted to film my piece in bright sunshine in order to create a juxtaposition with the events in the film. Lastly the weather effected one of my props as the rain drops weighed down the helium balloons causing them to droop which I was not anticipating. Unfortunately this was the only day that I could shoot my film due to the people helping me out only being available for today. Therefore I had to find a way to use these difficulties to my advantage. We used the rain to create pathetic fallacy and imagery in the film by linking the drowning scenes to the flooding being caused by the rain. Also the rain added a greater depth to the film by creating a dark and sinister atmosphere. I used the balloons to represent the oppressed characters life by having the colours represent the colours used to describe chakras (as seen below) and therefore the way they drooped became symbolic of the oppression the character was experiencing. 


I decided to film the majority of my film outside in a large field in order to represent the theme of the natural vs the non-natural (which is explored in the novel). The non-natural elements were represented by the costumes I had created, particularly the mechanical stencil on the male costumes back. I wanted my film to made up of multiple fast moving shots in order to create tension, therefore I focused on capturing silent stylized images. The imagery I chose was influenced heavily by Victorian photography.

Despite the rain I was able to overcome any problems that occurred and was extremely pleased with the outcome. Unfortunately one of my costumes ripped slightly during the film process due to it being made of very delicate fabric however both costumes wear extremely easy to wash (after they got muddy from the shoot).

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