Thursday 24th March

I dedicated my time today to finalising my costume designs for my final piece. For my short film the costumes will very much be the focus point and therefore it essential that they embody all the characteristics and themes explored in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. I decided to create a female costume and male costume. The female costume is designed to represent the nurses in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest in particular Nurse Ratched who I persevere as an oppressor and bringer of death. Therefore I decided to have my costume to resemble certain qualities of the Grim Reaper- such as a skeletal face and a long flowing black jumpsuit. I also found nurse Rached to be sexual oppressor by using her own sexuality and beauty. Therefore the costume is also sultry which I express with the materials such as sheer black and red silk. In comparison the male costume is very simplistic and restrictive as it illustrates the sexually oppressed and restricted patients. I've decided to express this by placing large red X's on the costume as well as creating a large restrictive collar. Moreover the back of the costume will reveal a mechanical pattern on the models back as the novel often referenced how the more oppressed a character became the machine like they appeared. I also decided to create my male costume for a young boy as I found the men in the novel to be reduced to dependant children.

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