Monday 21st March

I spent today creating a quick short film. My aim was to convey the relationship between two characters in which one is oppressing the other. I decided to make the oppressive character in my piece where a half mask that accentuated certain facial features in order to make them seem more sinister and dominant. I also wanted this film to allude to old fashioned silent films in order to create a juxtaposition between the natural and non-natural (a theme explored in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest), for at the time of silent films they would have been seen as very naturalistic where as today, due to technological advances, they're seen as being incredibly over the top. I found this to be a very productive exercise as it gave me initial practice in anticipation of the short film I will be creating as my final piece. However this short film was extremely simplistic using only one angle for a single shot where as my final peace will be much more complex.

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