Tuesday 15th March

For my Final project I would like to create a short film and I therefore spent today researching several different short films and videos that echoed the type of atmosphere and dark intensity that I wish to achieve. I found Soko's music video for Destruction of The Disgusting and Ugly Hate particularly inspiring as it perfectly illustrated the darkness and despair those with mental illness suffer from. I also like the hallucinogenic quality of her video and I think this links nicely to the drug abuse explored in One Flew Over the Cuckoos nest. It's worth noting that Soko (who directed and starred in her music video) suffers from depression thus adding a further layer to her work as it can be seen as a honest and vibrant portrayal of her pain in art. 

I was also inspired by CocoRosie's music video for Gallows as it created a haunting and chilling effect on me the viewer. I particularly liked the Victorian setting of the film as it reminded me of Henry Hering's (the mid-19th century photographer) work based on taking photographs of patients in a mental hospital. I therefore am interested in perhaps alluding to a Victorian/ Gothic era in my film.

Eliza Camplin, a labourer’s wife, was admitted to Bethlem aged 36 in February 1857 suffering from ‘acute mania’.

(Eliza Camplin, a labourer’s wife, was admitted to Bethlem aged 36 in February 1857 suffering from ‘acute mania’)

Looking at all the videos I've linked to below I want to be able to recreate the ghostly, haunting, dark and tense atmosphere I experienced watching them in my own short video. Using the videos below I edited them all together in order to create a "Video Mood board" expressing the atmospheric goals I wish to achieve in my own work. I found doing this exercise both inspired me and helped form the initial ideas I have for my final project.

SOKO - You Have A Power On Me


SOKO - Destruction Of The Disgusting Ugly Hate


CocoRosie - Gallows


Florence And The Machine- Heavy In Your Arms


Owl Vision - Antichrist



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