Thursday 10th March

Today we had a workshop on story boarding.We spent the initial part of the session learning about different camera angles and the effect it has on it's audience. For example a slanted angle is unnerving where as an eye level angle is very immersive. We then proceeded to learn about different camera movements and again it's effect on it's audience. I found this information to be extremely helpful as it gave a deeper knowledge on film which I can now use to guide my own short film.

We proceeded then to focus on how to create an effective story board. To begin with we were informed of the importance of working in an 1.85:1 ratio in our sketch books as most of our TVS are wide screen now. I was surprised to learn that the most important aspect of storyboarding is not a series of beautiful detailed drawing but the message they convey. In fact a story board can be very minimalistic and can include notes and text. We were then given a task to do a storyboard of the first few minutes of the Wallice and Grommit Film 'A Close Shave'. The task was surprisingly difficult as I was initially not detailed enough in my storyboards as they lacked direction and movement.  I had to repeat the task several times in order to achieve the amount of detail needed. The teacher also emphasised the importance of including shading to show the lighting in our storyboard. It's worth noting that we were informed that if we could not draw the picture that we could write notes describing what was happening. However after this exercise we were given the original storyboard for this animation were I noticed that there was in fact little information written about each picture.

Overall I found this exercise extremely useful as previously my storyboards were nowhere near detailed or clear enough in conveying my aspirations and ideas. It also further improved my drawing my techniques.

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