Thursday 3rd March

Today in class we focused on creating posters for our projects. When creating my poster I wanted illustrate the key theme that I will be exploring in my final project, therefore I chose The Female Oppressor as my title. I wanted my poster to have an eerie and dark atmosphere thus pulling on the style of German Expressionism. I believe my aims for my poster where successful due the feedback I was given from my piers (which can be seen below): 

  • "Dark and Twisted. I Love it."
  • "Powerful drawing, very nice mark making and clear idea being conveyed"
  • "Very nice graphic narrative"
  • "The image is very powerful and I love the fact that you switched gender roles"
  • "Loving the style and how you kept things minimal with the colours. Fits into the whole oppression theme"
  • "Dark and mysterious"
  • "Very powerful meaning embedded. Beautifully detailed drawing"
  • "So detailed and I love the drawing"

I found today's task of creating a poster an extremely useful process as it enabled me to realise the themes I wanted to focus on the overall atmosphere I created.

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