Tuesday 8th March

Today we did a workshop based on character exploration in film and mark-making. We spent the afternoon creating several life drawings in a short amount of time. We were placed in several small groups in which we took turns to create a composition (using ourselves and the surrounding space) that would represent different themes. The first theme was "Repression'. I was the one to create the composition for this theme so I decided to create an illusion of being trapped and repressed by pushing my body against several boxes. I bent my knees and arms into very angular shapes in order to look uncomfortable and limited in my space. The next theme was "Dreams" but the task changed slightly as composition now required us to look at the space and place a person within in it in order to see how they would react with it. This time we positioned Julianna in a tight space behind a screen. She manipulated the shadows by placing certain parts of her body against the screen. This created darker shadows in certain places thus making her appear mysterious and dreamlike. Next we were given the theme 'oppression' were we added a further layer to our composition by adding costume. Adriana wore an orange cloth which made only her head visible. Our final position was based on the theme 'Magic'. This time the focus was solely on fabric and texture in which we made Matilda wear a glittery skirt and a long ruffled skirt as a veil and placed her on top of a chair. I found the veil to give her a very ethereal quality.  We further experimented with our drawing by using different materials and techniques- including writing with our left hand.

I found this exercise to be helpful as it forced me to think about the characters' in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and their relationship with each other as well as the way conveys the themes and messages explored in the novel. The task also encouraged me to practice experimenting with colour and techniques in my drawings.

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