Monday 22nd February

On Monday we pitched our proposals for the first time. I found it an extremely useful task to pitch my idea to my tutors as it was made immediately apparent the areas that I needed to work on in order to make my proposal clear, to the point and with an impact. After speaking with my tutor it was evident that I need to tighten my proposal as it was very broad and many of the points I made were obvious. The first way in which I will improve my proposal is by linking the research I have done with my the aims and realisation of my Proposal Concept. What is more I need to I need to tighten my initial concept by being less broad and thus more specific on my idea. I also need to completely redo my Evaluation as again I was very obvious with what I wrote- writing what the reader would have already assumed I done. Therefore in my evaluation I need to discuss the ways in which I will test and improve on my project. Lastly I found discussing my proposal further with my piers gave me an understanding on how I could improve my concept by listening and sharing ideas.

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