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Russell Leng is a Canadian based artist who works a lot with geometric form and painting. He has also done some very interesting installation work for a project called ‘I Went Into a Room’ and ‘Sudden Death’. However, I am a fan of his older works in which look like 2D responses of rocks in a contemporary, geometric form. 

Leng’s work ‘Russell Leng Print 2’ is an 8.5 x 11” square with 9 different abstract forms inside them. I really like how the shapes within this work are actually very ordinary, but the artist has cleverly worked and experimented with ‘ordinary’ form to make it more abstract and eye-catching. 

Although i am unaware of what inspired Leng to create this piece of work, I find that it could have a possible link with nature. I believe this because the 9 forms within his work really look like rocks / stones / diamonds, etc. This really inspires me to look at ‘ordinary’ objects in a different way and transform it into something geometrically abstract. For example, everyday household items such as a toothpaste tube would never usually be considered as a starting point for ‘art’ or a great piece of graphic design. Therefore I am willing to test this thought out and learn and gather new knowledge from the experience.

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