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Andy Goldsworthy is a British sculptor and photographer. He is most famous for his photography work where he ‘orders’ nature around him, using no photoshop or enhancements, just nature within itself. 

I am mostly struck by his work ‘Snow Sculpture’. This piece is a photograph of 5 large rocks which have been covered in snow. On these rocks, Goldsworthy has drawn outlines of each rock, giving us a sense of what the ‘real’ shape of this rock is. Almost like simplifying a piece of nature to make more sense to todays people, who are seemingly caught up in modernism and new technology, leaving the beauty of nature behind. I also find that this artwork looks like some kind of optical illusion, emphasising my idea on todays modernism and nature. 

This work reminds me of a cube net, and looks like it could be created using wire.

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