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Considering this aspect of the design process put into perspective how ingenious the engineering of this font actually is. To establish a new wave of advancing typefaces that are created through a psychoanalytical derivative that merge the idea of us as humans beings, and how our behaviour can allow us to interpret a font like Beowolf that isn’t necessarily aesthetically pleasing or practical for design/commercial use, but can instead be translated through a deeper means than what is taken from face value in practical terms. A prime and raw example is the response that is incited through familiarity with its constructive build and the connotations that are emitted from its anatomy, with reference to the words I associated with this typeface at an initial approach prior to engaging in any research that could inform me of all its intents and purposes.

This ideology is what propelled the inspiration behind my final piece.

Taking into account the name of the typeface in particular, I was reminded of a comic strip illustration that plays on the idea of wolves being the opposing positive and negative divisions of the inner self.  

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