Today I went to see the musical Wonder.land by Damon Albarn, Moira Buffini and Rufus Norris. It was a very interesting play to see particularly because I feel quite divided on my opinion about it. While I truly enjoyed the experience of watching it and would probably go again to see it, it definitely had strong and weaker points.

When watching and after discussing with the person I had gone to see it with, we both agreed that costume, set and choreography were all splendid and eye-catching, keeping the audience bewildered. However what let the play down was its script and overall story. While entertaining, it seemed that it had been written by an adult trying to understand the teenage obsession with the internet and today's apps, but did not succeed in correctly portraying this environment. When later looking up critiques I found that this seemed to be the general consensus; one critique I particularly remember reading stated that the play was written by middle-aged writers for a middle-aged audience about a teenage topic, and was thus not convincing. 

However I was definitely dumbfounded by some of the costumes; they were bright and so textured as well as three-dimensional that they truly created a very intriguing world. 

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