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You Me Bum Bum Train was a really good experience; while it was fairly long non-stop work (which was quite tiring for me particularly as I was always either holding a large filming camera or a microphone boom). It was a really nice experience because quite a few of us from PDP were there and so it was also nice to get to know my classmates better, particularly those I did not have much opportunity to speak to yet. Everyone at the event and all of the volunteers were very kind and charming, and overall the environment was really enjoyable to work in. 

I found that the immersive concept of YMBBT was very interesting - projecting people into a variety of situations without them knowing what they were getting into at all. I reflected upon the fact that when in this situation, people are somewhat forced to act completely intuitively and immediately. Therefore the people who were 'performing' in front of us (the passengers) were actually at their most primal and quite vulnerable because while they did somewhat have control over what happened in accordance to their reactions to the stimulus, they must have felt relatively out of control. This could be an interesting theme to translate to another performance or interactive piece.

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