King Lear Research

My group and I received the Shakespeare play 'King Lear' , Act III Scenes 1 and 2. I have never read or seen the play before therefore did research onto the plot and characters. 

The characters in the scenes that we have been given include Kent, Gentleman, King Lear and the Fool. 

"King Lear - The aging king of Britain and the protagonist of the play. Lear is used to enjoying absolute power and to being flattered, and he does not respond well to being contradicted or challenged. At the beginning of the play, his values are notably hollow—he prioritizes the appearance of love over actual devotion and wishes to maintain the power of a king while unburdening himself of the responsibility. Nevertheless, he inspires loyalty in subjects such as Gloucester, Kent, Cordelia, and Edgar, all of whom risk their lives for him." 

"Kent -  A nobleman of the same rank as Gloucester who is loyal to King Lear. Kent spends most of the play disguised as a peasant, calling himself “Caius,” so that he can continue to serve Lear even after Lear banishes him. He is extremely loyal, but he gets himself into trouble throughout the play by being extremely blunt and outspoken."

"Fool -  Lear’s jester, who uses double-talk and seemingly frivolous songs to give Lear important advice."


In the scenes we have been given, King Lear is falling apart and becoming insane. We therefore thought of showing the scene in such a way that would visually show Lear's fall into insanity and falling apart. (See reflection)

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