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Idea of a cage that is ideal on the inside yet still a cage (Sword Art Online cage)

Develop idea of cage as an extended game - the idea of the game is to escape the environment in which they are trapped; starts off in this cage and once out of cage it is like an underground steampunk old victorian/industrial revolution type thing 

Can fight monsters/demons along the way (like video game Dark Cloud 2, include in research) - includes notion of underground (King's Cross underground station, tunnels, etc.) 

Steam trains as very steampunk and includes large element of King's Cross 

When they escape the underground, go around canals etc. different stages different levels 
Could have an arena/battle episode like Gasholder park 

Can look around King's cross for inspiration in different levels/areas

Maybe instead of being different levels and each one begins a new 'episode' (cut up like in Dark cloud 2) it can be more of one whole fluid thing like Assassin's creed 

See full mind-map in sketchbook

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