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Canal Reach Research

 "The office buildings here are just a short walk from the historic and cultural heart of King’s Cross. There’s a lively mix of people who live, work and study here.

The heritage buildings and cobbled streets around Coal Drops Yard will be buzzing with boutiques, restaurants, galleries, food markets, street food stalls and more. Perfect for a bite to eat or a spot of lunchtime shopping. The new Gasholder Park and Regent’s Canal are at the end of the street, and Lewis Cubitt Park and Square is just a short walk. These spaces are perfect for a sandwich in the sun.

With a multi-use games area and a health club on the street, there’s plenty of opportunity for a lunch-time workout. Pancras Square Leisure Centre with its new public swimming pool is just across the canal. A primary healthcare centre are located here, as well as the development’s only public car park.

Easy to get to
The offices here are just a ten minute walk from the King’s Cross St Pancras transport hub. With six London Underground lines, two mainline stations and international high-speed rail, it’s the best connected location in London."


Gasholder No. 8

"The iconic gasholder guideframes have decorated the landscape at King’s Cross for over 150 years. Gasholder No.8 is the largest of these, and was built for the storage of town gas for Pancras Gasworks, the largest gas works in London. Gas was manufactured here using coal from the Imperial Gas, Light and Coke Company.

The Grade II listed structure was originally constructed in the 1850s and expanded in 1883. The guideframe consists of 16 hollow cylindrical cast iron columns in two tiers and two levels of wrought iron riveted lattice girders. The distinctive 25 metre high circular guide frame has an internal diameter of over 35 metres. The gasworks remained in use until the late 20th Century before being decommissioned in 2000."


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