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If there is an action there is also an in-action; when one thing moves another thing is also not moving
A lack of motion can have an equally powerful effect 
Suspension of disbelief of the everyday (main point of performance)

Peter Bond: Performance in the Expanded Field 

Sculpture in the Expanded Field - 

Per-form = through shape/structure/body. Through the manipulation of an object (physical or spatial/temporal)

Josiah McElheny - interactions of the abstract body 
Transforming the shapes into kinetic structures; objects becoming devices to break viewpoint. Breaking down the idea of the fourth wall as the audience members become part of the piece as their image is reflected by the mirrors (forcing the viewer to become part of the performance; performance as a mirror of society to help us understand society)
"[In] Interactions of the Abstract Body McElheny [created] a large and varied body of work that looks at how fashion and modernism have intersected and influenced each other, especially through the common language of the body. Crucially, McElheny animated this dynamic with the constant presence of a performer. By combining a continuous flesh-and-blood performance with static sculpture in the same gallery space, a first for White Cube, McElheny radically fractures the distinction between performance and exhibition."


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