Winde Rienstra

Winde Rienstra?s work is situated at the boundaries of fashion, art and architecture. Rienstra?s fascination with spatial structures around the human body has led to a recurring play with three-dimensionality. Each of the resulting spatial designs is a new opportunity to allow the materials to shine like jewellery around the human body.


The geometrical shapes of her pieces not only mock the feeling of architecture and buildings but Rienstra also wanted to create pieces that allow people to show their strong yet invisible energy. Rienstra is successful with this because the sharp yet openness of each piece gives you a chance to use her pieces to enhance yourself and your natural curves. 




I love how she builds structures around the body to enhance it's certain characteristics and emphasise them. I would like to use that when exploring putting structures on the bodies not to fit them but to change how they are perceived.

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