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Caroline Walker was an artist today's tutor recommended I look at after seeing the beginnings of my painting for the altered spaces project. I had in mind that some areas of my painting would have an almost smudgy, dreamlike appearance, some sections being undefined blocks of colour, whilst others would be more detailed. 

Much like the work of Dexter Dalwood, Caroline Walker describes her paintings as "Occupying a place between document and fiction".

I have included a few more quotes from her page on the Saatchi Gallery website, where she explains her work in a way which resonated with me, particularly after reading the essay on women in art and image in John Berger's Ways of Seeing.

"A combination of the existing contents of the house and additional props are used to subvert an idea of domestic order, while a lone female figure inhabits multiple characters from the cleaner, to the mistress, to the lady of the house"

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