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Dalwood's work immediately stood out to me out of the artists we looked at for the altered spaces project, due to his strong use of colour and his painting style coupled with the titling and the concepts behind his paintings. The below painting is "Kurt Cobain's Greenhouse". The painting alludes to the title, having symbols relating to Kurt Cobain's life (and death)- the Seattle skyline and the guitar. The space itself is imagined- not literally being what Kurt Cobain's Greenhouse would have looked like but an imagined version. In terms of our work today with the Altered Spaces project it was hugely interesting to see an artist do this- through his creation of someone in the public eye's private space he comments on our obsession with Celebrity (others of his paintings have titles like "Jackie Onassis" and "Room 100, Chelsea Hotel"). He references this and subverts it. It opened up a whole way of thinking about painting which I was entirely unfamiliar with. 

Another thing I picked up on about his work was his leaving in of the collage style edges in some of the shapes in "Kurt Cobain's Greenhouse". As I was working from a collage its something that I ended up deciding to experiment with, with one of the cacti in my piece retaining its "cut out" style edges.

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