5th November 2015, Fine Art Practice, 'Re-Edit'. Douglas Gordon, 24 Hour Psycho.

"He [Douglas Gordon] went on to imagine that this ‹someone› might suddenly remember what they had seen earlier that day, later that night; perhaps at around 10 o’clock, ordering drinks in a crowded bar with friends, or somewhere else in the city, perhaps very late at night, just as the ‹someone› is undressing to go to bed, they may turn their head to the pillow and start to think about what they had seen that day. He said he thought it would be interesting for that ‹someone› to imagine what was happening in the gallery right then, at that moment in time when they have no access to the work".

Douglas Gordon on a hypothetical viewer of «24 Hour Psycho» in: David Gordon, «...by way of a statement on the artist’s behalf», in: Douglas Gordon: Kidnapping, Eindhoven, 1998, p. 83.


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