Justin Mortimer, 'Beyond Bacon and Freud Artist Justin Mortimer Interviewed By Paul Black.'

"Much of what I do is thinking about and looking for the imagery that will be the catalysts for my paintings. These are mostly sourced from the second hand books I keep in the studio- ranging from flower arranging manuals to techniques of orthopaedic surgery through to all the scanned, downloaded and snapped images I have taken and then throwing them together into digital collages on my studio PC. The collages for the largest paintings mostly start as a mashing together of figures and an environment. I am looking for those strange visual crunches, serendipitous clashes that could open up previously unconsidered psychological avenues or could kick life back into a flagging composition. These collages are printed out and continually revised throughout the painting process so that by completion the initial idea is often a long way from the finished piece. This approach to the early stages is mostly successful but I sometimes wonder if I am closing myself off from a more unconscious engagement with the image." Justin Mortimer


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