UK Pavilion - Milan Expo 2015 / Wolfgang Buttress


Under the title "Grown in Britain & Northern Ireland", the UK's response to the Milan Expo?s theme "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" is a 1,910 square metre Pavilion boasting an impressive design and complex structure, successfully delivered by creative construction and manufacturing company Stage One.

Visitors to the Pavilion follow the dance of a bee, travelling through a series of landscapes. The experience starts with a journey through an orchard, followed by a wildflower meadow and on to an impressive centrepiece: The Hive, a 14m-cubed sculptural element that uses light and sound to simulate the activity of a real beehive.

The Hive is constructed from 169,300 individual aluminium components. Assembled in 32 horizontal layers, the structure comprises three main components: chords, rods and nodes.



This construction is relevant to my work because it is also very inviting and natural-looking. It invited the person to think like a bee. I also liked the idea how they have produced books about the making and some details of the structure, this has inspired me to come up with an idea where in my exhibition people would be able to take books away with them about how to waste less. I think this would increase the chance of them following through with the idea and will make my exhibition more significant. 

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