Yuken Teruya - Golden Arch Parkway McDonalds

Japan born, New York based Yuken Teruya draws attention to the relationship between junk food and waste in Golden Arch Parkway McDonalds (Yellow) (2005) which is made from a paper takeaway bag with a tree carefully cut out of the side and displayed as a miniature diorama.

McDonalds is oft-cited as being one of the worse offenders in the food industry for damaging the environment and life on every level from deforestation and global warming, to the terrible treatment of animals used in the food, to consumer nutrition and poor employee working conditions.




Yuken Teruya looks at how large fast food companies have a negative impact on the environment around us. This idea links to my focus on mass food production and waste. I think it is a very powerful piece as it shows a tree inside of the of the bag, showing the problem of deforestation due to the unneeded production of these bags.

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