Chris Gittner - Street Food

Chris Gittner's Street Food is an ongoing series of close up, ground level photographs of various food items left discarded on the streets.

His choice of perspective and magnification draws attention to each scrap of food he finds whilst going about his day. Photographing it in situ begins to create a narrative of how the food; as we imagine/re-enact the child dropping an icecrem cone and the drunk spilling a half eaten kebab after a night out.




I like this idea a lot because it brings attention to the things which we see every day, and just ignore because we are using to the daily waste. I feel like if this artwork gains more popularity and recognition it would have a big influence on the waste around the cities. Even though in my project I am looking more at the waste, in the way that we throw food away, I think the idea of emphasising the little things could work for me too, when showing a message. 

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