Damien Hirst - Let’s Eat Outdoors Today

Infamous British artist Damien Hirst also looks at the grotesque in food waste and consumption in Let?s Eat Outdoors Today (1990-91) ? one of his early fly breeding/killing life-cycle vitrines.

The vitrine is split into two halves; one half containing a steel barbecue covered in raw meat with trays of maggots where the coals would be, and in the other half the abandoned leftovers of an atypical family outdoor meal complete with a cow?s head underneath the table and an Insect-O-Cutor above the table with its collecting tray removed. The hatched flies from the barbecue pass through a hole in the separating glass panel and are killed by the Insect-O-Cutor, falling into the food left on the table.





On one hand I like how this installation demonstrates how disgusting it is to leave food around, which could trigger an unpleasant reaction in a person whenever they think about wasting food. This could be a psychologically good idea because it would make a person think. I could use this concept of creating a reaction to what is seen. 

On the other hand I don't like the fact that real flies were killed in the process, i think it is an unnecessary sacrifice and it coul easily be shown using paper-maché flies. I also think that the artist may have crossed the line with making something very unpleasant. I feel like he focused more on making a point rather than creating art. I still want my piece to to be artistic to an extent so that it would attract attention. 

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