Wim Delvoye - Cloaca (2000)

The Belgian artist constructed this room-sized installation at the Museum voor Hedendaagse Kunst in Antwerp, after eight years of consultation with experts in various fields ranging from plumbing to gastroenterology.

Named after an ancient Roman sewer, Cloaca literally turns food into waste. A first class chef prepares two meals a day in an attached kitchen and the machine is fed: Food passes through glass jars filled with water and stomach enzymes that break down the matter to produce daily, realistically smelling, faeces which Delvoye sets in resin at his studio then signs and sells, revelling in the absurdity of the process.




This directly relates to my project idea, because Devoye explicitly shows the issue of people wasting the food. I also like how after the food is "digested" he then signs and sells. What I like about that is that there is humour in it, which shows how absurd the concept is.

I want to use this idea in my work and make something very obvious and maybe amusing to watch from the side.

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