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Unit 4 - Illustration

Captcha Confessions

A series of prints exploring the nature of honesty, privacy & authenticity in the digital age.

A CAPTCHA is a Turing test administed to determine if the user is a human or machine. In contemporary applications, the test is used to prevent spam bot’s from ‘phishing’ confidential user information on the internet.  

I posted a tweet asking for anonymous submissions of confessions and reworked them typographically to resemble CAPTCHA tests — distorted text, floating background shapes, contrasting colours - all designed with the intention of ‘fooling’ automated spam bots.

In light of a future where people’s (offline) lives are increasingly integrated with the digital (online) dimension, perhaps it is only through this visual language that humans can share & interact with each other in an authentic, honest manner.

© Wern Luk, all rights reserved