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Plasticine is a material I feel is relevant to the idea of the proces "squeeze". To me it brings to mind stop frame animations like Pingu and Wallace and Grommit. There's something playful and childish about the medium, it is both a way of creating stop frame animation but also often a toy/ craft used by children, among the first materials they use to independently make things. This idea of being able to mold, change and transform could be an interesting idea to play with when thinking about what direction I want to take this Ideas Factory project.

It also presents a huge contrast to my next material I have researched, Latex.


Below are some images I selected from the book "Latex Fashion photography". The material has strong sexual/ fetishistic connotations- its fascinating that a material can bring to mind such a strong idea/ subject. What particularly interests me about the material is not exploring it's connotations and why or how people use it, but how one material can evoke such a particular thing, and what people's reactions are to it in different contexts.

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