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In order to find some more work and imagery to inspire my Ideas Factory piece, I typed the work latex into the library search system. One of the results which I decided to pursue was Issue 46 of the Visionaire Journal, compiled by Mario Testino. The hairy lettering on the front cover, and the "images of an extreme sexual nature" are perfect examples of the connotations of latex, the material I have chosen to work with for my sculptures. Though my work isn't aiming to be directly and shockingly explicit, like the images in this issue of Visionare, it is certainly important to see this publication, openly exploring a huge range of sexuality and imagery. With my work, I want to  explore the reactions to a material with such connotations in areas where a sense of sexuality and sexual openness isn't obvious (however it certainly exists, but not in the open, celebratory way seen in Visionaire). 

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