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Yohji Yamamoto

I feel that Yohji Yamamoto’s work is particularly relevant to this recent “every day shapes” project, as with much of his design there is a distinct sense of the importance of shapes. Often loose and baggy, yet carefully structured, his clothes aren’t typically feminine. This resounds with the feedback we had been given when it came to deciding what to do with our paper shapes. We weren’t supposed to be thinking about making beautifully fitted garments, but thinking about different ways these shapes worked on the body. The materials we worked with today also slightly reflected Yamamoto’s work. Looking through the Terry Jones curated book about him and his work, I found several examples of his use of paper, and often the structures of his clothing a similar appearing level of rigidity. For example this garment below with the two sections of fabric positioned on the back, corners folded out like two pieces of paper. There are clear shapes to this work- rectangles and triangles, yet they all sit beautifully on the body.

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