Bernotat & Co

Dutch designers Bernotat & Co developed the concept for people to recycle old chairs and make them more comfortable to sit on. "Being slightly strange, some of them maybe even awkward, they trigger emotional reactions," said the designers. "People relate differently to the chairs when they're dressed up and the chairs suddenly acquire a certain anthropomorphic quality."

I am very fond of this idea of re-using old simple chairs and making them more stylish and comfortable. I also really like the use of bright colours because it gives the chair character. I am also fond of the idea of making something that people can transport and put on and off furniture. This really relates to my furniture project as I have made a piece which you can take on and off and it makes the chair more useful & comfortable.


My favourite chair coverings out of the ones produced by Bernotat & Co must be the one where the foam packing for apples inspired the designers to create the Knit-Net design, a stretchy slip-on cover made from acrylic and wool filled with foam. 


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