Burcu Buyukunal

Buyukunal's work is inspired by the contemporary beauty?s perception. She wants to question the conventions and societal norms relating to body. ?Terrifying Beauty? and ?Osternsible? are two projects challenging our personal relationships with adornment and fashion As the designer explains it : ?I want my work to surprise and challenge people to inspire questioning. Suggesting something extreme, unusual, and irrational is my strategy?.

?Terrifying Beauty? is a jewelry collection inspired by plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is now part of the mass culture and Burcu Büyükünal imagines four facial pieces to focus on this trend : ?I create four pieces distorting the face in an unlikely way, contrasting the purpose of traditional jewelry?.




Her ideas about using plastic surgery to make it more distorted rather than beautiful is very interesting, as she goes against the ideas of beauty and makes the jewellery force the person's face into unpleasant and unattractive shapes. I like the idea that it is making the person uncomfortable both on the inside and the outside because this jewellery is not nicely fitted on the face, nor does it make the proportions batter.

I wat to use this idea in my work to create a piece which would also distort something about my model.

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