Craig Green


Utilizing hyper-crinkled fabrics, cut-and-rolled-at-the-ankle trousers and oversized layerings, Green essentially crafts his own silhouettes, anchored somewhere in an intangible alleyway between high fashion and utilitarian (he cites workwear and labor uniforms as an inspiration). Additionally, here, he incorporated a glitter motif across paneled, stringy knits, perhaps as a nod to club nights-turned-mornings at the Joiner's Arms or otherwise.


I can relate his head pieces to my work as they distort the vision of the model, which was one of the things that I wanted to look more closely into. I like the idea that Green emphasises the rural details of the outfit by putting wooden planks on the model's face.


I really enjoy these pieces as they emphasise the material which his being used on the garment itself. They play with the model's figure and make him look taller, without distracting the attention form him. 

© Alexandra Boyko, all rights reserved