Shaun Leane for Alexander McQueen

For more than a decade Shaun Leane worked with the late Alexander McQueen to create a series of provocative jewels that have become iconic symbols of catwalk jewellery. It was a collaboration with Alexander McQueen that drove Shaun Leane to push boundaries with new materials and scale, resulting in some of the most influential catwalk imagery of the last decade.

His mouthpieces are both innovational and greatly disturbing. They are easily remembered and they put a new perspective int the catwalk jewellery. 


For me these pieces are strange, and I don't quite understand what their author is trying to suggest by distorting the model's face in such a way that her face becomes aggressive and unattractive. At the same time, i like the idea of a shape changing the features of a face. 

I can link what I have been doing, experimenting with making jewellery which would imbalance or distort person's body in one way or another. I feel like Shaun Leane's piece relates to my work, because my piece is distorting the model's posture, so they are both touching the same idea of imbalance and unease. 

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