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WEAR IT, Atelier XJC

Atelier XJC's 10th anniversary shoot worked with constructing accessories for the body out of paper. This project was featured in one of the presentations we were given today, and immediately it stood out as being particularly relevant to the project we had been given, in part due to their use of material. Though their pieces are hugely complex and structural, they are able to use paper to create them. This was inspiring, I felt less limited by the materials we had available to create our pieces, though their high level of finish was something I was unable to replicate. My "blinds hat", however, had a function, rather than being purely aesthetic, which is what over complicated my idea. 





What drew me to the work of Coop Himmelb(l)au when thinking about what my group produced today in the architecture project is the sense of precariousness in their designs. Looking through “Build-On, Converted architecture and transformed buildings” the images of their work resonated with what we had created today. Throughout the building of our structure we all had the sense that it wouldn’t or shouldn’t work. It looked as though it could have toppled over without much force being applied; however, it remained upright and sturdy throughout the day. There was a definite sense of movement within ours, and it was very angular, all attributes I now see in Coop Himmelb(l)au’s work.

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