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Tim Walker

His work was part of the presentation we were given this morning on fashion communication. I love his subversion of traditional fashion photography, he creates intricate stories with his photographs, not  just drawing attention to the clothes themselves, but bringing them to life. He uses props, sets and spaces playfully and dramatically, - the use of space being what I was particularly inspired by in terms of today's project. We used a space- the bicycle shed beneath St Martins, to project our videos. Looking at Walker's work I can see how effective use of space can be given the right lighting and appropriate photography. I feel like our particular project would have worked better with more of the bike shed in shot, so that it was obvious to the viewer that it is a publicly used space, perhaps even involving people in our shots/ videos. Our idea to contrast the privacy of internal thoughts and personal fears with a projection in a public space would have been better represented if the public space was more obviously "public".


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