The World Goes Pop


During my visit to Tate i also got to go to the World Goes Pop exhibition which was absolutely amazing. I have enjoyed every second of it and think that the collection of work in the exhibition was truly inspiring and just crazily good.

What I loved the most was the fact that a lot of work has looked at the political, military and cultural problems and has touched issues such as dictatorship, sexism, war, advertisement and many others. 

Every single room was unique and colourful, yet didn't distract your attention from the pieces themselves. starting from paintings going all the way to large installations, every single room had amazing and inspiring work in it.

My favourite pieces were a set of three images done by Erró which showed woman with guns towards a "perfect room". This piece is a juxtaposition of what a woman should be doing, putting make up on, and what women during the revolution were actually doing, fighting for their rights. I love this piece because it is a visual pun on what the society's ideas are about woman's role in life. For me, in this piece, Erró is laughing at these concepts.


I also really like the piece called Kill Fly by Marcello Nitsche, which is a papier-mache hand holding a fly swatter which is placed above your head. This piece directs the issue of dictatorship and was his way of speaking out against military regime. this piece struck me as very obvious and getting straight to the point. As soon as I saw it I knew what it was all about. Sometimes I think it's good for work to not have any secondary meanings because it makes it really powerful.


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