Alice Anderson

Today i have gone to Alice Anderson's exhibition Memory Movement Memory Objects in Wellcome Collection. 

I fel like i can relate her work to my Subversion project where i am using wire in order to re-create an object. In her exhibition Alice Anderson has taken different objects from our everyday and not so everyday life and covered them with wire in order to create them into memories. She used objects starting from very small scale like coins, to very large scale like bikes or even a canoe and a Mustang car. The visitors are also welcome to take part in the exhibition and wrap wire around certain objects.


My favourite objects were the speakers as she has wrapped them around with wire and turned them on so the music was still coming through. I thought it created a really interesting effect and made us actually realise that there are objects inside that we would use in our everyday life.



In one of the other rooms she combined certain objects to create different interesting structures/sculptures. I really enjoyed that room because it made me think about what art really is and can normal objects stuck together by wire be considered as artistic as a sculpture made our of clay. 

Overall i really enjoyed the exhibition and i think it has a great connection to my work.

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