Karin Stack

"I produced Hair Stories after my 1998 cancer diagnosis. From the chaotic realm of illness and uncertainty, I produced a post-chemotherapy chronicle of hair growth through weekly photographs. Not without humor, these life-size photographic self-portraits follow my progress from bald to haired. Using the ordered language of minimalism and scientific documentation, I examine the steady resumption of natural processes and the surprise of new hair growth. Sequential hair images are combined with stories that explore hair in the context of private and pivotal moments in my personal history, including diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer. This installation displays hair images with an accompanying narrative voiceover."

- Karin Stack (http://www.karinstack.com/artwork/index-hair.html)


Her exposition shows that hair has and will always be one of the determining facts of one's identity and how much people do care about something happening to it


(pics http://www.karinstack.com/artwork/index-hair.html)

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