Fine Art- Objects

Susan Collis, The oyster's our world, 2004 Wooden stepladder, mother of pearl, shell, coral, fresh water pearl, cultured pearls, white opal, diamond 81.3 x 38 x 58 cm

Susan Collis uses a variety of techniques and strategies to investigate issues concerning interpretation, craft, value and labour. Everyday objects are presented etched, splattered and stained with marks of work, wear and tear. At first glance, the marks seem to be the accidental results of normal use, and as such seem meaningless and not worthy of examination. Collis is interested in the shift of perception that takes place upon discovery that they are, in fact, careful, intentional acts, and that the materials used are traditionally valued for their financial or decorative properties.



Mark Wallinger's TARDIS was exhibited at The Hayward Gallery in February, 2009.



Marc Quinn, Self 2001

This self-portrait is cast with eight pints of Quinn's frozen blood. Described by the artist as a 'frozen moment on lifesupport', the work is carefully maintained in a refrigeration unit, reminding the viewer of the fragility of existence. The blood is pasteurised, but its appearance does change slightly during the sculpture's installation. The artist makes a new version of Self every five years, each of which documents Quinn's own physical transformation and deterioration.


Ideas and process of Tribes and what Totem can be and the meaning behind them.



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