Jenny Saville & Glen Luchford, Closed Contact.

After having observed the operations of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, Saville was eager to express the violence and anesthetized pain of this experience in her own work. Luchford and Saville began an artistic collaboration that captures the full range of color, tonality and topography of live flesh, in large photographic tableaux. Distortions confront and coerce the viewer into an examination of one's own body and the grotesqueries and beauties inherent within. The images also recall biological specimens preserved, disembodied and disfigured.

"The images offer, not a story, but an experience that begins in visceral uneasiness and gradually shifts to a haunted serenity. The discomfort is complicated. It is triggered partly by our sense of the instantaneous monstrosity of a normal human transformed by the spreading of the shape beyond what we understood as normal…" - Katherine Dunn


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