Ideas Factory Presentation- 17th September

What Is It? 

My idea is an exhibition, where the skeleton's of soldiers who have been victims of the war, are coloured in rainbow print. 

The skeletons will be life size, as they are the bones of previous soldiers. Colour has a metallic concept- similar to Kane's collection. 


The image above is a visual representation of my idea- I've used this in my presentation to show the group what I mean rather than just explaining through words. Along side this image, I put the title and a few bullet points describing the main concepts behind the idea so the group was able to understand what I meant. 

Where Is It?

The exhibition is to be placed in an gallery, where the surrounding walls, floors, and ceilings are completely white. The example I used in my presentation was the Saatchi Gallery. I have previously visited this gallery and I can visualise my idea of the skeletons within this place.

Why- What Inspired you? 

  • Christopher Kane's Rainbow resort collection; Kane himself was inspired by rainbows prints the the defraction of light through a prism. 
  • When researching in the library I came across 'Anatomy for the Artist by Jenó Barcay' the anatomical drawings really inspired me to develop the use of bone and use the material efront in my idea.
  • Damian Ortega- Suspendedn Sculptures. The idea of suspending each individual part from the ceiling to show how the small bones can come together to make the overall piece.

How does it answer the brief? 

  • Practitioner- Christopher Kane's rainbow print and the inspiration behind the prism of light.
  • Material- The skeleton are made from bone and hence this is incorporated with the idea.
  • Process- The skeleton are the bones of soldiers who have been involved in war and have lost bones- such as legs, arms. The bright colours of the rainbow print applied onto the skeletons distract the audience from realising the skeletons have missing bones and "disguise" the fact that they are war victims. 

What do you want your audience to understand about your proposal? 

  • Emotive - a connection to the audience to understand the world is not all rainbows and happy colours, there are real dangers in the world and can have a monumental effect onto people's lives- losing legs or even worse.
  • Political - Perhaps to extend to a political idea- showing the exhibition in certain areas of the world which are war stricken. This could be used to criticise a government or a political movement. 
  • Inspiration from Damian Ortega, separating bones piece by piece showing that without them the entire skeleton would not be able to be created- in this piece the missing bones highlight how the overall piece can not be created. 



Visual aids I used a long side my presentation to show the group, furthering their understanding of my idea, and allowing them to picture the image in their head. 



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