Mary Katrantzou

Katrantzou says "I'm inspired by women who have that travelled, refined eye," 

Mary Katrantzou (born in Athens in 1983) is a designer who launched a luxury brand in 2008 and is widely known for pioneering the digital print revolution.

She moved to America to study for a BA in Architecture at the Rhode Island school of design, before transferring to Central Saint Martins to complete her BA degree in textile design. This is why her designs are often influenced by architecture.

After she graduated from Central Saint Martins she has pioneered her own digital-print technique which helped her to earn a reputation as a print magician.

Katrantzou put herself on fashion map after spring/summer 2011 collection when her bold, structural shapes lampshade skirts were introduced. She uses radiant and vibrant colours which make her garments look unsettling, but as a whole she cleverly hermonise the garments. She created body-sized perfume-bottle prints  "A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future". Ruth Chapman says, "Two main things," she decides. "She cuts her dresses beautifully, so they fit and flatter the wearer, and secondly, her prints are extremely clever. They stand up as works of art in their own right, which makes her dresses highly collectable. Her designs always make me feel uplifted."

Interesting facts about Katrantzou: Why Katrantzou dresses herself in black?

'I work with colour everyday to an amplified level. My desk is a sea of colour and fabric swatches! I find black very cleansing and think of it as a uniform more than anything'

 Mary katrantzou collaborations:

Mary Katrantzou for Adidas Originals Season 2 and TOPSHOP: 

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Materials I found in the library:

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