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Damian Hurst 

Hurst is undoubtedly one the most important artists of recent times. He is renewed for using shocking use of materials, including dead animals suspended in formaldehyde. "In His Infinite Wisdom" 2003, sharks, sheep, cows all become suspended within the tanks, indicating and examining the process or death and its proximity to life. The unusual use of material suggests a link with the fragility of existence. 


In His Infinite Wisdom 2003 Glass, painted aluminum, silicone, acrylic, monofilament, calf and formaldehyde solution 2220 x 1760 x 740 mm | 87.4 x 69.3 x 29.1 in


Christian Boltanski

French sculptor, photographer, painter and filmmaker. Self-taught, he began painting in 1958 but first came to public attention in the late 1960s with short avant-garde films and with the publication of notebooks in which he came to terms with his childhood. The combination in these works of real and fictional evidence of his and other people's existence remained central to his later art.In the 1970s photography became Boltanski's favoured medium for exploring forms of remembering and consciousness. He produced ?theatrical compositions' by fashioning small marionette-like figures from cardboard, scraps of materials, thread and cork, painted in colour and transposed photographically into large picture formats.


Patrick Mauries, David Seidner, November 27, 1989- Christian Boltanski, page 21 



Camouflage is defined by the disguising of military personnel, equipment, and installations by painting or covering them to make them blend in with their surroundings. Nato Forces use a tropical weight combat dress, issued in 1976, in which the colours, brown, black, green and khaki is used but printed in richer scales. Camouflage develops due the positions of wars and the advanced of wars, such as the Gulf War, wear the original desert camouflage had been sold to Iran, a two-coloured version in light and medium brown was issued, 



 Tim Newark, Quentin Newark, J.F. Borsarello, Brassey's Book of Camouflage 


Mihaela Ivanova



Mihaela Ivanova conveys the idea of identity through her photography. The Bulgarian uses the facial of famous celebrity to cover the identity of her personal family. This indicates the importance of role models in today society, as well as suggest how important these individuals can be effect by the media. Perhaps the ripped paper could imply, the rash and fast pace life of these celebrities. The use of the black and white colour scheme add a simplicity to the portraits and makes the viewer focus on the centre point of the facial features. 



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