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Christopher Kane is a leading light as a British Fashion designer, born in 1982, Kane was inspired from an early age by the likes of John Galliano. His graduate show of 2006 at Central Saint Martins gained him world-wide recognition and an immediate consultancy role from Donatella Versace.

Kane's designs are often inspired by memories and personal experiences. "From watching films to drawing, no matter what i make it always ends up reminding me of something or someone from my childhood." Kane works methodically, drawing his ideas, working on a mannequin and then on the body to edit the garment. However Kane explains how the process can be different for everyone "I think I do things backwards, but thats what works for me might not work for someone else."


 Hywel Davies, British Fashion Designers, September 23, 2009


Christopher Kane is heavily influenced on personal experience, from being inspired by the Frankenstein to create a Spring-Summer 13 collection about the narrative. To a young boy wearing a monkey T-Shirt skateboarding through his local town, to create a line of T-shirts in May 2009. One of his most recent collections Autumn/Winter 15 Kane shows the importance of drawing on pieces, he is aware of the way drawing, sketching and capturing the movement of the human figure, and this became the basis for the collection.



Lauren Milligan, Gorillas In our Midst, 24 June 2009,Vogue


The Spring/Summer collection of 2013 highlights a lot of experiments and ways to manipulate fabric. Elegance in the folded tailoring was fastened with chunky plastic nuts to mimic Frankensteins appearance, as well as dresses that looked to be made of lolly wrappers to reference Kane's childhood. Bow's also became a major theme in the collection, from growing from the folded fabric to looking as though they belonged to the prints on opaque fabric.





Photographs Richard Bush, Style Magazine- The Sunday Times, 13 September 2015

These images show Christopher Kane's resent collection. The article talks about his relationship with model, Lara Stones, and the path they have gone onto together.

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