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Campana brothers are a pair of Brazillian designers/ artists, whose work has both been sold in selfridges and exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. They were the first Brazillian artists to achieve this, and much of their work is inspired by the environment and natural landscape of Brazil. For example, the brothers decided to cover the facade of Firma Casa, a design shop, with plants used in African-Brazilian religious rituals.They arranged 9,000 seedlings in 3,500 origami-shaped aluminum vases (Origami linking strongly to our paper research). Sansevieria trifasciata (commonly known as snake plant) is believed to hold supernatural protective and healing powers. They have taken a plant deeply rooted in Brazillian Culture and Environment and created a "living wall"/ "vertical garden" effect. We became interested with the idea of fluidity between the "inside" and the "outside" and what this meant. This linked to our exploration of the possibilities of flocking in interiors. 

Jason De Caires Taylor's beautiful underwater sculptures of people were deliberately created out of a porous material which allowed for and encouraged the growth of marine life. The idea of creating something, then leaving it so that another factor could completely transform it, was hugely inspirational to us. 


Jason Decaires Taylor's underwater sculptures http://www.underwatersculpture.com/

Erno-Erik Raitanen's Bacteriograms were another work which inspired us- he grew bacteria taken from his body on the gelatinous surface of a film. The bacteria spread, painting bacterial landscapes. From the idea of the spreading of bacteria we drew the concept of decay, and the transformation that Decay causes. 


Sam Taylor Wood's "A little Death" video is a prime example of an artist exploring the effect of decay through her work. The dead her decomposes before the viewer, we see every stage of its disintegration, and how the decay spreads and soils not just the hare itself but the wall behind it and the table and eventually, the peach.



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