Material: Rubber

 It is the elastic solid produced from a liquid called latex. This can be found in the rubber tree. Rubber can be classified as natural or synthetic.

Natural rubber:

Synthetic rubber: Any type of artificial elastomer (a material that can undergo large elastic deformation under stress and still return to its?s previous length/size without deformation).

Rubber can be shaped into more than ten thousands of different products.

Different types of rubber

-Elastic bands

-Car tire


-Wet suits

-Rubber stamps


-Electrical insulation

Properties of rubber



-Electrical insulator.

-Become sticky when hot and brittle when cold


 What do I like and dislike about the rubber?

I like how it can be sculpted easily and goes back to its original shape after the deformation. Also, as it's waterproof I like how it can protect you from the rains 

Disadvantages and advantages of rubber

A of natural rubber;Have a milk contains an anti-bacterial substance that is a natural dust-mite repellent.n

Excellent natural heat and moisture regulatio

Artists who use rubber:

Allen Jones


Wes Nama creates distorted portraits by using rubber band



Different rubber materials found in the library 

As well as reading the books in the library I went to see different types of rubber materials to get a real sense of the texture and paterns. This allowed me to learn characteristics and properties of each material. Compared thin materials thick ones were hard to stretch which means they have high elasticity and ultimate tensile strength.

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Rubber used for clothes 


Ge Bai (Royal College of Art) Xiao Li's rubber dipped knits

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Black Rubber Beach House by Simon Conder Associates 



"This project demonstrates that the careful choice of low-cost materials combined with the innovative use of new products can create domestic architecture of real quality at very low cost,"

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