2. Thomas Lohr

Thomas Lohr was born in the south of Germany in the early 80s. His work were more minimal which are very clean neat and not to much edited for the the photographs. I admire his work and I've pick the images he've done for Hermes Accessories, in this series he didn't capture any people in the photographs but by capturing hands had replace using a model itself also through the images he had capture some shadows which are people's sihoulettes to make we think that there are interaction between the people and objects.




I've knew Cathy Edwards for a long time and her work were mostly more dramatic but in this series of photo I had realise that they are quite different from her previous works. In this photographs in 12/13 AnOther magazine she had style the photoshoot with the retro clothing and hair styling in the photos, the use of pastel background makes the shoot looks more vintage. The little curl on the fringe covering one eye gives the girl some mysterious look. The model's expression is pale without too much makeup makes the photo clean and neat.




Design led manufacturing company who specialise in fabrics and wallpapers.

This series is named Marble Gum, I think the company was trying to accomplish the gum by the melting effect pattern. The colourful fabric isn't strong as the black and white one in my opinion, because the colourful one seems too much to me, it contains too much colours which would make people hard to focus on the object that it's going to be place by or shown on. Instead the black and white one had accomplish by it's similar colours which also made the patterns clearer, and even stronger. By choosing it to be a wallpaper placing a sofa beside with the original brick wall had made me think of makeover, because the brick wall reminds us of old and the new pattern seems more modern so from the photoshoot they had create the feeling of a makeover is on progress.



Kendall Jenner is the hottest model now in the fashion industry, not only because of her family but because of her passion for fashion she had modelled a lots of campaign for big companies walked through fashion weeks and she is only 19. Her face had been said 'Changing the face of Fashion' and yes she had make a place for herself in this industry. She could be sweet, cool, cold, and in any shape the photoshoots want the companies need so I think this is the main reason why she is so famous now.



You might not recognise her name but maybe you would know her hair, it is a symbolism of her. Her hair is colourful all the time and they have been constantly changing, I enjoy looking at the changes of her hair colours but what I like the most about her is her energy. She has this positive energy all the time that is when you see her smile you would also smile and this is the main reason why I admire her.



I'm always a huge fan of Byran Boy's blog not because of his words but his attidude towards fashion. He wears girl clothing and he thinks as long as it fits me why not ? This is the attidude I was talking about, I really admire people who aren't afraid of being judge and enjoy being themselves.



Susie bubble is also a blogger, I love her words not only is fashion that she would blog about but also she blog about textiles pieces which are the making part and I really enjoy reading those articles feels like I'm learning everyday. Also her style is colourful and still colourful, but what I admire is that how she play with colours she would sometimes play with contract sometimes play with the texture different weaving and fabrics would create different effects on the clothings.


9. Aganovich

I admire the clothings of Aganovich and in this season, they have designed the garments in fluent shapes but also by layering the pieces over each other had create stages. download.php?file=1320760&embedded=1&textbox=1320640



Julia Kennedy's work are mostly full with bright colors, the colors would be full with saturation which brings life to the photograph. When I see her work, I always fell the brightness and happiness and it would influence the audience.


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